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ValueCine is a passion project, and it springs from a realisation that came back in 2017. The realisation was this: “wow, we really can’t find a movie that we don’t angrily turn off after 30 minutes because it is sexist and stereotypical.” And we thought: there must be more people like us. 

And oh yes, there were.

We found that many parents are struggling to find stories that tell their children they are allowed to be themselves, unbound by limiting norms or societal expectations.

We found that teenagers and young adults are starving for more diverse and norm-breaking entertainment (and, frankly, rolling their eyes at how old-fashioned it is to assume gender to be binary, for example).

And we found that a lot of people are unaware of the biases they are exposed to in their daily media and entertainment consumption, but when presented with the actual numbers on how skewed (and screwed) it is, they are appalled.

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So this is our mission:
We want to help you find entertainment that you like, that matches your values, and that makes you feel represented. And through that, we want to make the world a better place.

Our Manifesto

ValueCine is owned by the startup that builds the software we use for automated equality and diversity analysis, Ceretai AB. This company has a manifesto, which ValueCine is also committed to. It reads as follows:


Ceretai’s and ValueCine’s vision is a more equal and tolerant world. Our way to reach this goal is to create awareness around inequalities, norms and stereotypes in media and popular culture, especially in film and TV.


Ceretai supports the media industry in measuring and monitoring equality and diversity in their content, and ValueCine supports the audiences in choosing content that is aligned with their values.


We believe in data and automation. We achieve our goals by automating the collection of and creating transparency around data.


Every person has the right to choose which content they consume, and every company has the right to choose which content they produce or distribute. Neither Ceretai nor ValueCine will censor or filter anything.


Ceretai and ValueCine believe in the individual’s right to self-identification. We do not assume binary gender and we are aware of the limitations of our technologies. We constantly work to make our algorithms more inclusive.


We believe it is of utmost importance to ask the right questions, measure the right things, and do it in the right way. This is why we combine social sciences and anti-discrimination research with machine learning technologies and ethical AI implementation.


Ceretai is a pioneer in creating business models using AI for social sustainability. This means we are among the first to attempt to make a change in this way. It also means we have to use a trial-and-error approach, and that sometimes, we will fail.


Ceretai and ValueCine exist with the intention to create awareness and influence change in our society, but we are not a non-profit organization; we sell products and services.


Stereotypes, norms, and discrimination easily become political topics, but Ceretai and ValueCine are politically independent.


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